Friday, October 31, 2008

my suprising like to anime those who pretty much know me well, will know how much i really really hate japanese anime, cuz well i never get t and its boring to watch....atleast the ones i c ma bro watch sounds boring....and i was wierded out cuz like all my friends luv anime even kp during the holidays, i started watching naruto cuz the advert was pretty funny and stuff and i thought, well lemme c wot its about la, so i tuned in tht night n started watching, and well scince then i have loved the show-lol. its wierd but true....its interesting la :)
today, my bro saw me watchn tsubasa, chroncles of the wings or smthn like tht on youtube and he was shocked...earlier tht day kp was like she was watching anime tht ke en had borrowed to her and i asked wot its about and she sent me the link and from that, i loved the show-hehehe
then now that my bro saw me watching anime, he suddenely was like i shud watch dragon ball, yu yu hakusho and sum other crap anime he was mention...i mean i watch 2 anime (naruto and tsubasa) , doesnt mean that i am now gonna watch EVERY anime there is on tv-lol...but then, hu knows? i might-lol
yea right.....nope.....i dunt think so ^_^
we'll c-hehehhee

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

crapiest founders day celebraton ever

today we ddent have any lessons in school becuz it was founders day and well, as usual there was a celebraton.
in the morning, the school was filled with alot af tents n chairs n the small stage was infront(as usual)....ok, so we went to class(no assembly cuz the place filled with tenths offcuz). the class was soooooooooooooo boring and i was sooooooooooo tired n bored down to the bone.
around 8.50, we got called finally and went down to sit under the was sooooooooooooooooo damn hot and then the usual occured-we hear tuan haji coming(normal white attire) then we get up n start clapping and the usual irish screechy song starts playing-lol.
soo....after that the perfomances begun, the 1st was lavinesh n her group perfomed sum indan dance- XD.... n then there was isabells n nIdhi k who sung a song, but those at the back could hardly here cuz well no amplfiers at the back(sayfol mstakes-soo many)....ok, so there were loadsa dances n stuff and then finalyy kp n her group came, it was a bit nice but sadly a bit boring cuz it was kinda short n i had seen it alot of time when they were practicng- XD.
there was a lot of music this tym including victoria, celina and her gang and the most funniest of all, offcuz, lois n his gang(rizrin n mahadv or madhav or smthn like tht-XD)
the weather was so hot n tuan haji gave like a 30 minute long speech, it may have only been 5 mins but it sure seemed lyk 30 mins-lol
after tht we went to class 4 a while n then it was tym 4 lunhc, i tot the food n cake was gona be sooooooooo good, but it was cold potatoes wth half cooked chcken, mint cake n atleast the ice cream was goooooooood-hehehe
after lunch(lunch was sooooooooooooo borng), after lunch, we had free period 4 accountng n kp was "nterviewng us" with this wierd britsh accent-lol....n we were talking n just laughing n stuff-though i must sadly say(again), i got bored-hehe
so school ended at 1 and then we stayed back(kp, me, mengkin n ryan), it was again boring n kp left around 1.30 n mengkin n ryan went n tried to play basketball which was very unsuccesfull...hehe....ryan dident score 1 goal in 30 mns but atleast mengkin scored about 3-lol(he's tall la-hehe).....then priscally came to me around 2 oclock n well, i though she has gone home but apparently she hadnt-lol.....n well "he" hadnt gone well.....
the we walked a lil n her dad came n he apparently had been waitng outside the school for abou an hour they went to staff room n came back, the dad called me over n talked to me and explain n dscuss sum stuff to me.....only these 5 pple will know what its about=(mengkin, emma, kp, nora and adriscilla...hehe...)......i have pretty much already said too much n well thats it 4 ma came about 2.30 n i came home n came online n well, ma bro FINALLY was able to fix the TV..........XD................

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

changes:- the type i hate

cuz of the deepavali break, there was no school......for two days- 27 n 28th, but had an extra day cuz on friday(week be 4 tht), i dident go to skool-hehehe......the house was pretty boring and stuff, but at the same tme, i kinda enjoy stayng at home-lol
m glad tht i dident go to school on frday though and now i mean the holdays were boring but i still dont wanna go to school, theres nthn exciting anymore 4 me there, c at first i use to get excited about school becuz i was leaving to another "place" where things n rules r different....hmmm.......i looked forward to stuff, seeng my friends, running around, talkng about the latest it all seems sooooooooooooo different, things look as if they have change and NOTHNG at all seems the same, people say change s good, but well, this kind of change, hate alot.....but wot to do.......and to top it all almost half the teachers r boring and i took 2 subjects i hate.....hmm......i just c everything differently and i hate tht!!!!! i am not as happy n smley as i use to b, i get pissed easily n very bored easily-hehehehe.....i hate tht about me at the moment but i really cnt help it
i would mizz certain stuff here if i leave though offcuz, but in a way, i wanna go back soon and start afresh and stuff, about 10 more months to go-**sigh**........sum reasons i obvously cnt write, but those who no me well enough would no!
so basically, in a way, hate changes, sumtmes, if its 4 da better, tht cool i wud b happy but sumtmes if its 4 the worse(which happens alot), wud b pissed! but wottodo rght- u just gotta roll with life-XD

Saturday, October 25, 2008

disadvantages of an internationsl school

international schools are awsome but the disadvantages is that u have to leave ur friends eventually unless u r from the country then mayb no- but ur friends wud leave to their county- the main story is below all the pictures:-

below are pictures of sum of the people i met in malaysia- i cnt put them all la- they would take up soo much space n well sum dnt want their pics on other sites cuz they r too sensitive :).....haha- they r awsome(sum)- hahaha:-

mr erol and mrs manisha(dunt ask guyz, also duno how she is in da pic) and some iranian friends

nora again, youlin (cute smart malaysian chinese friend) and srishti(da gul wif da messy hair-the craziest gul to every walk the face oth the earth-haha- but friendly n lovable yet wierd-haha- from india
NORA- my really crazy lovable frend from somalia (she has never been there to somalia-she stayed in yemen) , now lives in USA
the taller brown hair dude is mengkin, from america but lived in japan and he's half malaysia and next to him, the shorter 1, is mohammed from morocco

me(in the red- i am not indian guyz) and other of korean dancers during the IU day
kristin from philipines on the left and elizabeth from nigeria on the right

the main story :- school are awsome cuz u get to meet like sooooooooo maany people fron other countries and all that....but what i hate is tht usualy they are there cuz of parents posting/embassy jobs and eventually they leave......4 me, ma closest friends hu have gone:-
after year 7= nejra-1 of my first Malaysian besties :(
after yr 9 1st term=elizabeth(we werent close but yea)
after yr 10= the 1 which hurt me the most= nora :(

i mean, before i came to malaysia, the only foreigner i knew was from nigera(only 1 person) back home in my old school.....except that not really haha.....but now i know cool people from different sux that eventually after year 10 i would go back and not gonna see most of them anymore, but its cool cuz i mean i got to meet friends from Philippines, india, china, aussie, sri lanka, maldives, pakistan, sweden, america, japan, indonesa, bosnia, yemen..........i mean its pretty damn cool & some of these counries, i never even knew they exsisted(about 2 tht is=bosnia and maldives), i mean i have seen so many awsome cultures and different types of cultures and all tht.....soo cool.....hmmm........but never seeing them cuz they leave or u wud eventually leave-yea....well tht sux! but what to do- live is like tht and we have to adapt to changes whenever it occurs! eh....well.....i know i am sure gonna miss all these people when i leave!

out to klcc to watch HSM 3!

o.0- today i went to watch high school musical 3- frst i thought its so fay, but wen i heard it was getting released, i was so excited-lol
at 12, my friends saw house bunny but i couldnt see cuz i had math class-how sad- my bro dident go but ma mum say i must go-long story-lol
so anyway around 2.30 i got to klcc and met kp and her gang at the cinema....she hadnt got the tickets yet
some wwanted to eat, so we went downstairs but i thought it was smarter to 1st get tckets, so we went back up n got them and mengkin and ryan said they wont get them because it was too near the screan la.....ryan said tht really n bugged mengkin to not get them-hehe....then came down and i bought sum macdonalds about 3.00 we went upstairs to watch them n then mengkin n all regreted nt buying the tckets n now wanted to watch but carmen and isablla had alredy given their tickets to ben and kar yan
in the movie, ben and kar yan got up n left which was annoyng becuz they shud av given them to mengkin n ryan who wantedf to watch now-lol- but anyway.....the movie was AWSOME!!!!! was realy really cool and stuff and very very funny good thing i didnt take popcorn n drinks or i would have choked on theM- XD
soo......after the movie, me and kp and ke en went to meet ryan, mengkin and mohammed at burger king, i didnt really know what to get so had ke en get me a cup n i just kept refilling- i refilled 3 times.......hehe......i was full alredy and the guyz(mengkin, ryan and mohammed) had refilled alot, especially ryan-like 8-10 cups alredy-hahaha
so anyway......after like an hour of drinking soda and talking and laughing and stuff, we went told me to wait for her mum when insisted on going home and now that it was late, she remeber that she had church-lol-so i took a taxi- all taxi's were like 10 or 20 bucks, i waited for like 30 minutes before i finally got one that will go with meter.......i got home around today was owkay, the movie rocked, though i regret not watching house bunny with the other-but wtv-mayb, later i would get a chnace to watch-XD

Friday, October 24, 2008

no school 4 me ^_^-1 crazy day-hehe

today i did not go to school-hehe-yayayayayyayaya- for the fact that did not feel like it and well also cause really needed to stay home and really clear my head
some people had exams so they were forced to go, but my exam finished yesterday and i was not taken any of the option exams being done today- xP
ma bro had to go to school too
i woke up at 6 n was so confused whether to go or not, at the end i was like wtv and then i did not go-lol..... went back to sleep and woke up at 9.30 (i know waking up at 12 is better but hmmm,....wot to do?hehe)........
i came downstairs and switch on the computer and tv and lay down to watch for and hour, i felt like goning to swim but then just wanted to relaxed so i did not.....^_^
after showering and stuff i came downstairs to online and by mistake i burnt ma frenchfries cuz i was chatting online and didnt pay attention to wot i was frying, i 4 got to put da microwave to heat it so i made that hard too-hehehe
so i ended up with half fries(da ones cooked good), no chicken and a cup of milo ice-(i made ot milo n added ice-duh!)- XD
i went back online and in between that i was watching tv and i chatted with saman-hu was at home too and some other people online too- most sayfolans werent online- naufer n all had gone to klcc n stuff or wtv so they were not online n all.....but i enjoyed staying at home and imagining my friends in the hot sayfol classroom n having to do maths n ecconomics and stuff-haha
around 2.30 my bro came back and well its around 3.40 now- so i wud update if anything interestng happens agan-XD
cya then

so as i said i would continue if anything more happens today.....haha.......dident take too long more happened it goes:-

so it dident take long for drama to find me again even though i didnt go to school....its a very long situations that i cant say but only those involved will know what i am talking about!............hmmmm..................that situation made me sooooo sad, angry, pissed n depressed!! ah.....yet i am not even suppose to be involved- WHY DOES TROUBLE ALWAYS FiND ME!!...............hmm...........i dunno........*chuckle*- sob sob sob
yet this was a day to stay at home n clear my head.......I HATE ALL THIS!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


finally got it back after so long of struggling-hehe-but guyz if u wanna leave ur posts- scroll down to the end, thats where it is- so sad cuz its nomore on the side-hehe- but important news is I GOT IT BACK!!!! :)

no more shoutbox :'(

hey guyz- i dunt have a shoutbox because i changed ma background and the whole fucking thng cleared-sob sob- i have the code but i dont know how to even put it back-forgot all that also- annoying-hehe


o0- this morning i had my literature exam, hashanti was next to me on my left, and srishti was infront of me, ma bro(emma) on ma right and kar yan behind me.........ah.....we had 1 hour- it was pretty hard la...actually nope, was easy except the fact that i got a freakn 9 mark questons wrong-i knew the correct answer but offcuz-human-i cancled it AND WROTE THE FREAKING WRONG ANSWER!............AHHHHHH...................i was so mad at my self for that offcuz!!!! atleast no P.E for me......^_^
after literature there maths then after that there was geo exam and i dunt think geo so i sat there bored n talk on paper with kp and then after geo there was human bio and this time i moved to the back la.......mengkin was opposite dying cuz he hadnt studied for his human bio exam-haha- i dident take human me n ryan were chatting on the paper and it got taking my miss nilla/lilla who read everything :'(........ryan was soooooooo sad--hehehee
after all that drama, we had activities and during this we played hockey(again)-XD.
during this my teamates were changed had mohammed, ryan, mengkin, komal and was soooooooo cool......this was da only tme i actually enjoyed hockey-i was middle then goaly for some time!- ^_^...during ma goaly time a guy named chee koon/kun scored because my glasses were off and i was cleaning then n cudent wear them quickly before the ball pased me- ;( hehe
so anyway ryan scored about 3-4 goals- not sure his scores but at the end we stll lost, mengkin played very well and sporty and stuff which was shocking cuz normally he s goofy and non seruz person-haha-but that was cool except when the ball wacked him in the face-XP
so after actvities, we stayed back to watch kp and her gang and all dance for the founders day(we as in mengkin, ryan, me and today this time naufa and latifa joined) but there was no radio so the danced with the music from someones' hp! finally at 3.30, my car came and i went home- so sad-lol.......but it was cool and stuff-it was pretty much 1 of the coolest and funniest thursdays i have had-haha- extra stuff happened that did piss me off but except that it was cooooooollllll............XD......thats about it for today i, offcuz there r extra stuff but then cant write t-muhahahha.................duno if next week we gona stay back but we'll c-hehe
tomorrow i have no exam but then

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

all cleared off got a totally new tempelate from "pyzam. com" and i got so freakn mad when i relize it too away my cbox and all that n magic 8 ball n all my extra extra stuff la-damn annoying!-phsssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh
so now i cant regaing my cbox back cuz apparently i cant sign n, even though i rmeber ma password and stuff, i have t saved n ma hotmail adress but stll cant sign in, the 1 in ma hotmail is to ma shoubox and they r the same la-jeeze!- i think they re the at the moment that i am writing this the rain is falling =XD
exams are almost over-assesment i mean
today we had accounts n history, during accounts i couldnt follow becuz was upset n stuff n remebering a terrble even that made a shed tear ;(.....but nayway history was easy n stuff, only 4 marks which usualy never happpens cuz usualyy history we write alot-but offcuz its gonna get harder-hehe
only got literature tomorrow- so onlinng in stuff-hehe
some people have on friday also, but i dont have, mine fnishes on thurday, during that time is P.E, so i am going to to mss P.E- it sux cuz no games but rox cuz no sweating n all tht stuff n no manisha-hehehehehe-yay 4 me
what is crap is that after assement, 2 weeks then got the finals for 1st term-wtf
well thats about it for 1 heck of a day-hehe

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

life sux to the extreme















:( ;( - TOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE HEART TO HANDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHEN THE HELL WILL ALL THIS END????????????????/// !!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

weekend before 1st yr 10 assesment

hahha- am not dirty n messy but when i am studyng- all focus so throw da books anywhere-haha- u can c txt books, bag, file....etc n offcourse ma fingers-hehe
the lovely art work on my school file-courtesy of youln koh-hehe
study study study
studying but also listening to music ^_^

The main story:-
today was so ordinary like yesterday
yesterday, i came online around12 o clock n chat till 1- tried to study after going off9 but i was soo freakn destructed by everything and it was really really hard to concentrate-i did a bit of studying and went down to watch tv then studied and around 6.00 came bakc online till like 7.30 and then went to do abit of studying but again got freakn destructed la- aiya
so any were that was it for saturday
today, sunday woke up, shower, bla bla, went to church, came back and came online and begun to write this but before that i made my lunch-fries and roasted black pepper chicken cooked by moi-hehe
after this i am going to go offline and try my best to study if i cant i wud tell later-haha
but for sure i think can-lol
tomorrow we have maths and english-those r like the 2 most important n compulsary subjects .......n the ones i am scared of
the other subjects i am scared of would probably be accounting and maybe biology- tht about it
wish me luck- XD

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Activities n staying back

today for activities we had hockey-this is like the 3rd hockey i a having-lol
i missed nora at it, cuz during pairs, she was always ma partner-lol.
we played a game n ma team lost-lol. 4-2
n well, yea, ryan scored 1 of the goals-lol-shocking? i know- on a regular basis his life revolves around working out and playing only water polo- hehe
after that, me, ryan, mengkin n kp stayed behind, again no nora-sob-lol.
we talked n stuff n then we went to watch kp n her gang dancing and preparing for the founders day dance n stuff
so i used ryans hp n told ma mum to pick me at 3 n i watched ryan n mengkin try to shuffle n stuff-lol-there r sum stuff offcuz i cant write cuz pple will read this-haha
after 3, mengkin left with ryan and aroung 3.20 ma bro called me and we also left-hehe
cool day- i think every thursday we might stay back cuz kp dance, mk sister, ryan gotta n me 4 fun-haha
bye 4 now

Monday, October 13, 2008

cheerleading + fitness week

0.o- today was like the beginning of fitness week and the song was really cool n awsome-i was in the front of the line, so as usual i dance stupidly when there are alot of pple around-hehe
the reason y i could do cheerleading last year was because i had a lot of advantages like being tall and standing behind, so tht way those infront dont see me really dancing and offcourse on the final day, i take my glasses off so i can only see those around me n not the audience n stuff, which is cool-lol............but fitness week is pretty cool ^_^
after school we had auditions and well we took like 3 freakn radios including 1 brand new one right out of the box and still all 3 dident work snd as usual i could only do the dance with the music and so i did not memorize the counts to the steps- O.0-hehe
illyana, shervina, steph(captain), kp, me, anjellyne, oranit(maybe) and 1 new girl whose name i do not know were all joining, but only the 1st 4 names mentioned were there to audition. some did it on friday already............hmm.................
gonna be wierd this year, anyway i liked the song for fitness week and i wish kp gave it for cheerleading instead-its so nice n beaty- lol- the problem is that it is a bit short!
well........we'll c how it goes and all
goobye ^_^

Friday, October 10, 2008



btw, pple dont assume, this lovely pics of nora(hehe) were taking on her last day of school-no la
this r old pics- unfortunately on the last day we dident take any pictures-sob sob sob

today, 10th october was nora abdikarims's last day in malaysia
all sayfolians wud offcourse know her-lol- at least all my friends n her friends who read this blog wud know-it sucked tht she had to leave, even she couldnt believe it
anyway, after school, we were suppose to enjoy our selves n stuff and everything got sooooooo freakn messed up thanks to one person!-i wa ssoooooooooooooooo mad i couldnt express is, all those hu stayed back will know what i am talking about.............dammit

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- i know i said "drama rox" but i dident mean tht i shud get ma assed kicked for sumthing stupid tht is sum 1 else's problem-so freaking annoying, and btw auditioned for cheerleading today-not really la- no music n me n kp werent organized mu much-lol=so ya
on a regular basis last year pple aint suppose to audition but out new head teacher called mr singh forced as to audition even if we are old cheerleader already-lol

well, thts about how suckish my day was in it only took on person who i trusted alot to ruin it for me :(- i hate to say all this but i cant resist my self, thts how angry i am. hmmmmmmmmmmmm,...............i mean it hurts when ur friend ditches u 4 sumthing stupid like a guy or wtv-it sux but its life-ah- y must life be soooooo dramatic-hm..........well,.............what to do

bottom line is that me and all my friends r nora's friends r gona really miss nora alot cuz she was pretty awsome- XD- what pained me is tht i didnt say goodbye well and stuff n didnt hug her goobye-sob sob-XD-chey-wot to do
i might c her in the mere future-atleast i hope i do
thts all for now for the mean time, we'll c what happens la

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so much drama, so little time ^_^

ahh........on friday, me n krisitin have to audition for cheerleading and our captain is stephany(sob).....its gona b so wierd, cuz i have never auditioned be 4, last year when i joined, i dident audition cuz they were desperate for people and well duh i was desperate to skip marchpass........marching in the hot sun is sooooooooo ridiculous. hm........i think alot of year 7s are joining...i am excited to be init though, its the most DRAMATIC thing to be in-duh-haha

last year krisitin was captain and i am sure u guys knows what she looks like cuz she is in sum of my pictures la-she can dance although in yr 7 she was soooooooo horrible at dancing- but in preparation for sayfol idol, she had to practice hard n her friends helped her n her team won n well, she learnt how to dance-lol

well, we all thought either her or a girl named angeline who is also philipino like kristin and she is also real good at dancing, i cant really explain much post incase "certain" pple read it and again drama occurs-haha
its gonna b wierd though i must say, even krisitin has never auditioned before even though she has perfomed in like every school function and even the school hold. on the bright side atleast no stupid marchpass right? XD

ahhh.......people dunt like drama in their life, but admit it even if u hate it:- its damn
me n my bbc partner nora r always looking for new found stories-lol- we aint gossipers or nthn we just like to listen to stuff. lol. offcourse sumtimes it hurts me when its my friends involved but sum dont listen so they just go on n well, i listen to whats new la-wot to do-ai-i do really really hate it, when my friends change, if they change for the better, good la, if they chnage to worse- aiy-sux!- but what to do, life must go on

just gona live life, work on leaving after year 10 n on the mean time enjoy DRAMA! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

mid valley hung out

menkin, mohammed and carmen

nora looking blur and my arm infront-i duno wot i was doing on the hp-lol

nora and me(in orange shirt)- i was hiding from the pic

nora and kp with my hand inbtween, haha, ma hand appeared by mistakekp and ryan wong

i hid from most of the camera's becuz i dident want my friends to put me on facebook, friendster, hi5 or wtv sites-XD....n nt suprising, next day, they were on their profile pages ^_^

today, around 11.45 i got picked up by youlin and her mum and we went to mid valley to celebrate my birtday n nora's birthday since during that time the muslims were fasting, so even if we went out we couldnt eat and run around much la-hehe
it was pretty cool, at the beginning it was a bit annoying and the fact that denise kept bugging and saying nora should by her food and that made her a bit mad n nora had to buy her macdonalds so she dident buy pizza like she had promised all of us...but wtv,......we had lunch at kenny rogger after watching an AWESOME MOVIE called "eagle eye" with shia was pretty complicated so i had to disturb mengkin and ask him what was happening and finally and eventually i got it....hehe.....but that was towards the end of the was sooooo cool
the pple who came were nora, naufa, mengkin, kristin, ryan, denise, patricia, youlin, carmen, mohammed(the morocco one) and ali.
after movie and dinner we went to bowl and it was decided by ryan that who ever lost had to buy the winner a drink on monday. during the final bowl, ryan nearly lost but hit a strike and therefore beat n0ra buy 1 mark and mohammed who was losing at the begining surprisingly won the match, i think he hustled us-lol. but we expected kp to win-kp is kristin for those who are not in sayfol. lol. i was in the lead but slowly fell behind, not shocking to me considering the fact that every match of bowling i ALWAYS lead but then eventualy loose-lol
after all that we had to leave around 6.30 , mengkin left earlier and denise left immediately after the movie, youlin's mum had to send her home around 4.30 n naufa decided to go with her.
around 7.00 we got to the train station n got tickets, patricia, carmen and ryan took one tran, me, ali, kp n nora took another.
we went to kl central n took another to klcc but when we got off, nora and ali continued to their own destination. me and kp waited for kp's mum at avenue K for nearly 30 minutes and i was so grateful that kp's mum agreed to send me home, she is soooo nice n she sent me home even though she had an event that night, i was indeed grateful
i came home around 8.50
it was a pretty awsome day n thnku to all who came ^_^

Thursday, October 2, 2008


the absolutely lovely view of the island and lovely blue seaplaying football in a sack on the beach next the inn we were staying n im the one holding my sack with bent elbows and standing infront of mr arasu n i have long braided hair.
the italian food-trust me it tates sooooo better than it looks
playing in the sand...hehe....from left...clockwise...laila, naufa, latifa n me loooking up :)
in the sea-plaing and taking pics as well-XD
one of the many random monkeys we met-hehe
speed boating on the lovely water with isuru's head blocking-haha


we went to lankawi for a school trip a pretty long time ago when i was still in year 9 but i just want to write about it anyway because it was a very lovely trip and i totally enjoyed it
i shared a room with two of my friends naufa and latifa who were pretty awsome rommies but pretty much kept smsing-aiya-lol
we spend most of out time on the beach which was a 1 minute walk from where we were staying.....on the second night i enjoyed some awsome italian food which i off course had to pay for myself, dinner and lunch we had to pay but the breakfast and activities were paid for by the teachers.....we went shopping and watched the sunset and it was pretty awsome......we went on bout rides and saw the "pregnant lady lying down" mounting and this may sound sick but we saw some two horny monkey f"ckin" each other-lol.....seriously...thats was soooooooo wierd but atleast now u know they r like "humans" and that means they do "everything" mostly like us-hahaha
that was random, we went jungle trekking and had barbeque's one night but i dident eat much-XD.....all in all it was actually pretty awsome

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a poem by me and srishti when we were in year 8

8Y: A teacher’s nightmare

I open the door,
Look at the dirty floor.
I enter the class,
And see aliens from mars!
My ears burst, there’s so much noise,
Everyone’s shouting, especially the boys.
Ibrahim, Kar Yan, and Christopher,
Teacher’s nightmares, inhabiting the corridor.
Kristin and Nidhi K., always on the move,
Dancing their hearts out, be it hip-hop, jazz, rock or groove.
Srish, Shreyasi, Xueni, reading forever,
Gloria and Na Yoon always stick together.
Ryun Gi, or Dior, is sleeping all the time,
Consult Emmanuel if you want to learn mime!
Emmanuella and Robin disagree about something or the other,
Nora comes in the midst of their argument just to bother!
Anchit and Adrian in a world of their own,
Their stories will bore you down to the bone.
Brandon and Adithya, take a look at them too,
No matter how smart you are, they’re smarter than you!
Shreevats and Jonathan are quiet as mice,
But they’re always up to something, something not always nice!
Nidhi A’s the one with purple hair,
Ram’s the one asking for a few marks here and there.
Esther plays the flute, and is in the marching band,
Ryan’s so tall he can easily touch the fan.
Michael’s the monitor for crying out loud!
Su In is not known for shouting aloud.
Maggie and Isabella sitting quiet and pretty,
Anil may not say, but he is quite witty
Yeon Kyung and Carmen may not score so high,
But unanimously, we all contribute to the making of 8Y

i am sure some of you non sayfolians who read this would knot know obviously who some of the people who are mentioned here are but just enjoy the beauty of the poem-lol- i think me and shristi took about 1 whole period to write-an hour or so-lol.


suckiest holidays

yay my very first post-hehe, and today is the day i opened this blog! :) enjoy pple!-XD

so because of the hari raya break i stayed at home from wensday(1st) until friday(3rd)-it was sooooooooooooo boring-omg..........i dunt even watch television cuz its always on what i call stupid channles and i mean i cant use the computer for like 24 hours-thts random
plus i have to study cuz i am in year 10 and thats like hard and stuff and my mum is like study study study study-jeeeeeezeeeeeeeeee...................but what to do
on the bright side i get to sleep and wake up around 10.30 thats cool, except sumtimes i wake up earlier cuz my mum comes to my room and is like "wake up wake up", cant a gul have her nap-lol..........but what to about 3 years i guess then i wud have more freedom-that sounds awsome to me-XD
although having it now wunt b too bad either :P
thats all i can say now