Saturday, January 31, 2009

31st jan to 1st feb! :)

so yea 1st is 31st jan-lol:-
tht was yesterday (saturday).....t'was kinda a usual day bt i went to ca class (yay) :)
carmen invited me to her cny open house bt thn transport problem....its at like bukit jalil-lol.... ^_^
so yea...anyway ca class v dident divide into normal groupz.......v sat in the auditorium n heard a sermon instead n after tht, they had a best dress competition-hehe
kimberly won for best dressed n some dude hu i keep 4getting his won 4 guy category....i wasnt there last week, so i dident know about the competition,....i have a chinese dress, bt i wudent av dressed up anyway....haha.....jst wear jeans n top :)
so that wen to refreshements outside....i tasted sm chinese biscuits n all-lol
n mixed different drink n stuff-hehehe! i met 3 new people n they were pretty cool....i had a good time la bt emma sed he wanted to go home so v had to go-lol
wen i came home at night i on9 n askd some pple wen they left....apperently some left at 7,....cuz they stayed back n hunged out n stuff-hehe! :)....damn....i left at 5.30.....sad i live so far la :( so yea! :)
n i had ma dinner of drink (soda), chicken fingers, chicken nugets n bread! :) tooo much sodas!! wooot woooot! sugar rush! :)

1st feburary! today (sunday) :-
went to church! normal stuff! :)
after tht had life group-XD
thn after tht went to avenue k n v got board cuz ma mum was lookin 4 a bag to match these shoes n tht just makes me bored- :)
so yea me, emma, gifty n aunty rita went to look 4 macdonalds to buy-lol
wen v got there they say no spicey chicken n chicken foldover also finish! wth!! heheh
so v went to kfc n odered a meal or wtv n left
v were walking back to guess wen v saw our mum in a taxi across the high way!!! ahhh! lol
so v cross the street n run in the middle of the road n knocked on the glass n opened the door n entered! lol....just as the traffic light went green :)

v came home n had an awsome meal-hehehhe!
n i watched "boy meets world" show :)
n came on9 n listened to inside out....which is lyk ma fav song of da week :)

if smthn good comes up id put it up-lol


today is 2nd jan bt m adding smthn to this post cuz it it happened yesterday:-

so yea yesterday ended bad! tsk tsk
n it ended wif 2 pple i knw n dearly luv being sick!!!! so tht sucked n stil does!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

singapore ^_^

**i think by far the longest post ive ever done! hehe***
all picz cnt b put up thr r alredy too many newayz! :)

went to singapore with family for 3 days....2 nights....actualy 2 days v came wenesday morning! :)....i took a video of the whole thing on the family video camera bt i cnt put it up cuz wires duno where it is, its family so cnt put on a personal blog n its too damn long + some part is in ma language! haha! so yea!

day 1 :-

hahahhaha! la la la :)
packing! bla :)

ride to singapore! :). embassy car =D.... infront of ma hse be 4 leaving =D
putting stuff in the back of the car =D
1st stop :) shop! o la la-tht rhymes! :)
some tower n some river :)
fountain! in johor i think! yea johor! :)
immigration! =D....checkn our pasports to make sure it aint fake! haha! i look diferent in mine cuz well duh! i have grown 4 crying out loud!!! it was anoying wen they kept looking at it n looking at me-lol!
emma n me! :) n damn i luv tht shirt! haha

immigration! the peace it felt to finaly b there after driving so long :)
where v were origionaly supose to say bt me mum said too far from the city :)
waiting outside for smthn i 4got wot... :) crap! :)...btw singapore has awsome rides even a benz car is a taxi-lol-n there r 2 types of cars...the weekend ones n weekdays ones-different prices for both-haha...regular cars tho nt taxis or wtv...regular 1s
streets....n buses n bla bla cn u c the pyramid tht looks like a glas? hehe...i dident get a full pic
bt its gorgeous
the streets of s'pre-lol-orchard road where v were staying :D
streets-random pic :)
in the shopping mall-the ceiling-aint tht luvley :)
emmanuel n some cyborg robort-hehe
action figures including jack sparrwo action figures-lol

day 2:-

in the lift! i like the flashes! haha! :)
hall way =D
la la la la la :)
the church nxt to our hotel =D
me walking over to me mum-lol-sum sweet lambourgini ride there-lol
holiday inn:)
hahah! blur! :)
idk wot i was saying bt emma took da pic lyk tht-lol
emma n mum infront of holiday inn

ourside holday inn where the car was packed la :)
emmanuel, some sweet lambourgini ride n me-lol n some random benz car-haha
at holiday inn
kelvin in the car
sitting at the lounge n looking blur as always :(.....^_^
idk wot pic is this-i think it was evening bt the pic looks cool-heheh!
the lounge
kelvin (left) n mr randsford (right)......kelvin was our temporary "tourguide" in s'pore, mums frend brother or sumfing n mr randsford s'da driver =P
night time
night time-many lights :)...thts a water fountain btw :)
the night side of s'pore-nt clear cuz the car was moving la :)
hahahhah! :)
idk wot i was doing bt ma bro has a habbit of getting random shotz of me-lol
room! :) mum's

day 3:-

breakfast-o la la! i cudent even finish it! hahah
mouth stuffed with food ^_^...emmanuel took tis shot-lol
idk wot i was looking at, bt i was eating la :)
infront of the food hall or wtv :)
driving back home
i think this is the outside of the immigration place
in the car back home! woot woot :)
malaysia baby!!! back back! :)
some of the posters ma mum bought at singapore :).....she got bout 4 or 5

summary of everything:-
on monday, around 12.oo me n family left to singapore :)
v went by road but the car is pretty comfy-hahah!
got to singapore by i think 6.00 n cudent find our way so v waited at some school for a guy name kelvin hu was to show us around n mum knows him alredy or smthn....he's 19 yrz.....dident know tht for a while-lol...ives in singapore, bt origionaly frm ma country n stuff n lived in london thn came s' yea.....tht day v were really tired.....ate n checked into a hotel n me, emma n calvin went out to check out the shops-wanted to c a movie bt the time it wud b showing was like after 12
next day, tuesday, spent the whole day roaming singapore......went to pick up H.E first (he is the high commissioner in malaysia)....thn v went to sentosa-which isnt all tht btw-sunway is kinda better! haha! was clean btw-as its suppose to b-lol....santosa v went to the underwater park n thn dolphin show-u know where dolphins flip n stuff, go thru hoopz etc....the commentator sucked btw :).....n ma camera battery went dead! dammit! bt thn the family video cam also battery dead! so v cudent take picz for the best place of the whole trip :(
ok anyway....after tht went to the hotel, i charged ma batteries n went to macdonals... :).....the food is rather small compared to m'sia one....hehe....thn went back to get ma camera n v went to drop H.E at his hotel n on the way ma mum sed sum true stories tht scared the crap outta me!! some sad stories! i have to much fear as it is to hear such stories! lol......and yea....went back to sleep :)
wenesday morning woke up at 5.45 n got ready to leave.....went to eat by 7 n thn wen v came back up, kelvin, mr randsford n ma bro came up to help us take our stuff to the car.....calvin directed us to the immigration in singapore back to msia or v wud get lost(again) :)....i mean singapore is filled with random turns so its easy to get lost-lol
so v pretty much slept throughout the whole ride-v were al so
bt yea got back to kl around 12.00 n like wot i do wen i get back home....i came to use the pc while ma mum rushed to work.....hehe