Friday, March 27, 2009

1st week of mid-terms

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it was horrible! nah- t'wasnt too bad!
1st was maths n maths! on weneday! maths was soooo hard! he said "open ur books n begin ur test"!
he dident say test paper ok! he said BOOK! thts how thick the exam paper was! soooo much to do! n summore out of 125! so u get like 50! still got subtract some stuff n u gonna fail anyway! idk wot m gonna do! wot m gonna get! bt i knw tht i really tried ma best! i practiced alot so wtv!
wnglish as usualy was ok! nt too bad! bt the topics for conposition werent stories u cn really b creative with :s :)
ok! so nxt day was ecconz only la =p.....nt bad! i shud av studied more tho! bt i feel i did ma best-hehe!
omg! today was bio n computer! the 2 most hardest subjectz like ever!!!
bio-chapter 1 to 11!
n bio chapter 1-7! it soundz like "1-7" only! bt its actually alot ok! diagrams! notes! n all! ahhhh
n omg today we took the exams! it was the hardest most annoying most tideous exam ever! the questions were bloody hard! i mean no 1 liked it! xcept lyk random pple! even for them it was "ok"! like i h8ted the paper ok!!!!! it sucked! i had to guess 80% of the answers! it wasnt like memorizing n answering! it was like memorizing n understand n applying wot u understand! u knw! lyk they give expiremental questions n u gotta figure it out! it was damn hard!
computer was ok! nt too bad! bt also i missed like total of 12 marks

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so pissed!
wen i came home i just layed down n watch tv! had some malt (^_^)
n etc etc :)
thn yea came on9!
next week got literature, accounts n history! AHHHH! bt 1 each day! morning paper, afternoon m free, xcept literature which is in the afternnon on wenesday! sigh sigh!
for literature gotta study like 5 stories, chapter 1-5 of another book, shakespeare taming of the shrew-act 1 till act 3 (its alot ok! more thn it soundz),....n memorize 4 freaking poems! sigh! sad innit-haha!
well wish me luck n pray for me!
i hope i survive nxt week :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


today, was really fun n stuff n super awsome than most days bt honestly a crezy day! :) bt pretty much 1 of the best day of the term!
well beginning of skool did nthn much! hunged out with oranit be 4 da bell rang-typical morning walks as usual-hehe!
wen the bell rang went to class-got option-again nthn to do-slept half way thru class-i tried to listen bt with a voice like ma literatures teacher's voice u cn only push urself so far tht u cnt hold it in anymore n just fall asleep! =D
so yea after literatue v had maths n during maths class we had to take our picz for the year n stuff-u knw! class pic, passport size pic n 1 potrait of urself :) n guess wot-a day our class teacher decides to b absent-chei-lol
so yea we took individual photos n for the 1st time i decided to smile so i asked mengkin n kp to do sm goofy stuf so i laugh la bt i realize wen i laf my eyes close or become small-hehe
so yea wen it was my turn i forgot to tell mengkin nt to do his sillyness n he did n i laughed n cudent stop n i think i got candid shot la! bt nt sure-haha! :)

during group foto our teacher wasnt there n no 1 there to take! so v took oursleves with no teacher-which is like the 1st time this is happening :) fotographer say no candid shot-lol-so yea! no pose either-hehe! :) had to look like smart students :)
after foto taking finished i went to ask mrs chandra our maths teacher permission to go computer lab n help miss manwant wif sum stuff n all-she said yea so i went =D
i did a project on flow charts n went to class during option A, where franceska helped me n later naufa came to help =D
after option A i went back to the comp lab to finish n missed english class as well as my lunch cuz duh! was doing projects :) i told u la! some officials r coming n stuff-so the skool gotta look good-haha! apperently ministry of education :)
after lunch i had to go to history-many notes to copy n stuff :)
ow yea so after history we had mr wan instead of ecconz with mr arasu n he taught us a bit instead of free peropd-bt it wasnt too bad la-it was a funny class n komal came in without her unifmorms la-like normal/outing/house clothes n her hair flowing down n damn! she was like so nt her! haha! m nt being mean la wei-just saying :)...she looked cantik/pwetty la :)
so yea after skool i went comp lab again where i had to clean the pc's, help add finishining design touches, clean the tables, black bored....etc etc with some other wierd dudes-lol
yea after tht mrs manwant said all we get frm mrs tapscot is ice-cream? i mean wtf-we aint in primary-haha-our hardwork deserves some pizza's or dinner or smthn! ice cream? chei-lol
so yea i went to the entrance n saw oranit n hunged with her for a while n driver came i came home!
n at home nw i gotta remove all ma braids! n trust me its a tiring job! its easy bt alot! so wud probably finish tomorrow-lol
take care :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hectic! just hectic!

my projects!
so much to do la-so lil time!

my ecconz project! it sux i know! bt i dident have enuf time

my ecconz project on the chair
accounts project!
computer project!
computer n accounts

ow yea so neways the week has been hectic n so freaking tiring n all men! seriuzly!
we have like sooooo many projects! i think some officials r coming to check out the school so like they r working as u know! to make projects n stuff to design the class! bull sh** right?...its loadsa work bt i actually kinda find it fun-haha! so yeaaaa.....
neways i had like 2 projects to pass up in 2 days and then today mr manwant added computer to mine so i have like 3 n stuff n i have loadsa assigments tht i cnt even start counting to pass up in english class on friday! today when i came home i had to start working on the projects....print stuff.....write it colourfull n stuff! phew!
i made 3 projects today n they turned out quite well i guess! i mean come on u cant blame me! i had stuff to do so did it in a rush la! :D
so anyway! they said they will give us extra marks for our exams if we do them bt then they were like its not allowed! sheesh!!!! so all we get is a bloody certificate!! wtv! i wud accept it :)
n nxt week there is exams n i hardly study n ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! thers so bloody much! n my head hurts like crazy cuz i dont sleep enough n i get anemic n its stressing n i cant study! n its tooo damn faustrating!!! m still trying to focuz! n i hope i do well!

Friday, March 6, 2009

national day celebration 2009 :)

national day celebration ^_^ 4 leaving...outift for the night! had to glam up a bit la! ma mum sed a total must! tsk tsk =p
hahha! forcing emma to take the pic 2 :)
gifty n me! :)
outisde-ma mum by the door to shake pples handz :)

me, aunty rita (maid) and gifty in white-tsk tsk =p
eating ma ice cream-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
ice cream ;)
cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
me and some woman hus name i keep 4 getting-shes really nice :)
some random dude n people eating :)
inside the hall :)
ma mum n me n some dude behind =p
me infront of the hotel :)
coming back home....tired! :)

main story:-
after school today, got ready aroudn 6.00 to get ready 4 52nd national day celebration-driver came at 6.30 to pick us up =p
had it at mariot hotel, opposite pavilion :)
it was really fun n stuff! tasted alot of different drinkz-hehehe! :).....including red wine n some other drinkz idk wot they r called! bt i DIDENT get drunk-haha! other guests did though-lol
n they were al fighting over chocolates cuz they all wanted-chei-lol
yea so dance dance dance! ate ALOT of food! me n ma bro were clowning people in our language n v 4got some there speak it! haha! v r so used to speaking n eople nt understanding so v 4gt :s :)
so yea! hehehe!
came home around 10.30!
it was really fun! had a good time!
dancing in etc :)
cya! :)

bowling champ!!! :)

yea....for activites on thursday-5th march, we had bowling :)
wohoooooo! hahhaa! i luv bowling!! so yea!
usualy i start winning and then end up losing or being in middle place :s
i play with michelle, sophia and their other korean frenz and with kristin-so we were 7 people :)
the 1st one i got strike! hehe! n i neded the game by having 5 strikes n a total of 125 points :)
in the whole of year 9 n all the four alleys, joshua was the highest with 127 points, n i was second highest-i wud have been the highest if the finaly one i hit a strike, bt i hit all except 1 pin!!! ahhhh! hahah :) yea nxt week :p
kp was pissed at me cuz i better beating her-woot woot-hahaha-she was lyk screw u! haha! she was a bit cukoo tht day-haha! :p...kidding! so yea...she ended with 80 points :) i was highest in ma group :) sme lucky :p

so newayz after activities, wen skool was over,..... mr mirza said tht nxt week we start marchpass practice no activities-chei
so yea wottodo! after skool me n kp stayed back for cheerleading meeting.....1 of the most intreesting stayback....cnt tel wot happened =P...haha

cya! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

feb n march moozic :)

1) kiss me through the phone by soulja boy
2) my life would suck without you by kell clarkson
3) broken glass by james morrison n nelly furtado
4) stay by sugarland
5) home sweet home by carrie underwood
8) free by hillsong
9) teardrops on my guiter by taylor swift
10) you and me by lifehouse
11) ive got you by mcfly
12) you can by david archuleta
13) untouched by the veronicas
14) right round by flo-ride
15)follow the son by hillsong
16) i believe by hillsong
17) how do you sleep by jesse mcartney and ludacris
18) dead and gone by justin timberlake and t.i

the hilighted darker blue ones are like the ones i love love love!!! been listening to like crazy/! luv it!! :) they are both on me blog :)
number 1 is really nice n catchy n is honestly the 1st song of soulja boy tht actually has lyrics n makes sense!!! :) the link to that is this=
jst copy n past tht :) really nice! GO LISTEN! :)
next one, number 2 is really nice! i <3>so yea m fellow dude n dudettes! check it out! :)
number 10 until 14 are my march music-hehe! they r awsomeeeeeeeeeee! i <3 it too, especially you can and untouched-awsome stuff! tear drops on ma guiter is an old taylor swift song bt i just started to luv it-i herd it be 4 bt neevr really lykd it-hehe! :) so yea la :)
n omg! free by hillsong! i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it!!! i luv hillsong, all the songz r awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)...n omg! i believe and follow the song by them is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice! been dancing to it all month! i bought the album! n i luv it!!!! :)
so yea thts it :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

health scare =D

aiyaaa.........past week got anemia la-damn anoying!
got all dizzy n sick n headache n all! low blood n etc etc-m already g6pd so yea-combined=bad....also sugar level going high cuz of all the soda's-haha
also cuz i dnt eat much just eat eat chicken n stuff n soda n malt n all-hehehe!
so yea ma mum was like eat goooooooooooood fooooooooooooooood!
n well obvious i care about ma health-haha-so m gonna try-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
in year 7 n 8 n be for tht i was soooooooooooo active n hyper-use to run alot n play sports n was damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fit la!-nw i damn lazy la! haha
lost ma stamena
so gonna start walking n playing sports again-hehe
n eating health-salads, fruits, etc etc-u know all dose boring (bt healthy) foooood-i dunno how long i can maintain it BUT GONNA TRYYYYYYYYYYY! HEHEH
offcuz i wnt stay away from ma cupcakes n chocolates n soda la! bt i wud limit it n add good foood-hehe

afternoon today:-
today i made one of the best salds in the world!!! wohooooo :)
damn nice-highly recomended-got everything inside! nutrients-hahaha
goood right? was ma masterpiece! was damn nyc! i wud put picz later=hehehe!


went for my walk around the neighbourd n realized tht thetre is a ship parked in some backyard-hahah-n there is a golf court around the corner-2 thingz i dident knw while staying in this area for 3 years-hahah!
after tht i made an attmept to make pancakes n it was one word :- DISASTROUS! :)
i left the whole house filled with smoke n wot was suppose to look lyk pancakes looked lyk idk wot even! sum black scrambled f***d up pieces-hahaha!
n gifty got sick of pretending it actually looked n just said "m sorry to say bt this sux"-haha
so ma mum the pro came downstairs n made smthn tht actually looked lyk pancakes! hehe

cya! :)