Thursday, May 21, 2009

round up/rainy day!

havent updated in a while-sigh
assesments have been going on this weeek! accountz was bad-i slept-lol..............maths was goood-i cudent believe i studied to a point where i actually begun to like it n i actually passed! actually passed! i was ssooooooooo happy! bt its just assesments! i gotta aim to pass finals T.T :(
anyway.....tag-of war finals is tmrw n well it rained cats n dogs today so like duh! if they let us do it on sliper groundz-sooooo not fair!! :(....t if we get the dry side n tulip da slipery thn its fair-ahahha
today for marchpass, we went out to part n practice our marchin steps n v realyzed how dead marigold is when marching! gosh! flag bearer is ram n he doesnt scream, they marchers r nt enthusiastic-gooooodnesss!! tsk tsk wonder v looooosing :)
for activities we had fitness-lol-n played musical chair where dose hu dident get seats had to dance with each other-2 eliminated at a time babooons ruined the day! :p
anyway....this week n last week i have been realyzing wot true frendz r n i realyzed how much i miss my 4 best friends in the whole world! nejra, nora and doreen!! :'(......
n ow yea today i sed it rained right, i had to walk in the rain home, was supose to go with nau wen it stopped bt 1st she sed going with miss sima thn later she sed with yestoors frend or wtv-so yea....walked alone home, raining, came home cold, tired n shivering n sick! n due to the thunder cudent shower :(
havent watched american this week which sux bt pple told me kris won which i h8 cuz i wanted to b surpised-lol-sigh! wtv lor!
on saturday v have practice from 8.00 am till evening-aghhhhhhhhh!!! :p
ow yea v have to do this cheer routine tooo infront of sayfol n its sooo aghhhh-lol
shervina dnt wanna do even-lol
we saw tulip's cheer routine-n gosh they r gooood-hahha
bt in the dance sectioon-v dominate (A) :)
we'll c wot happenz

Monday, May 11, 2009

sports finals

ater a tired day! ruki lying down so tired! haha! she duno i even took this :p

mr rama sitting like a king on his stool! plastic chair actually! :p

oranit-heheh! she might kill me for puting this up! :p
srishti n bianca were tht bored! so played arm wrexling! i relly duno hu won! ;p....ranya luking so emo behind-haha-kidding-she was staring at smthn!:p
bianca-from south africa :p

long jump! boys division! :p
srishti being emo! haha! kidding! hiding frm cam n nxt to her is ranya from sudan! :p

oranit! thers a very good xplanation y she is in sayfol football team jersey! haha! c below! :p

bro after jumping! walking back! n richard on far left with the red hat! n idk middle one name n behind ma bro idk hu tht is! :p

random pple playing long jump!! :p

main story:-
today we had long jump n short pu! 2 our of the 3 field events! today was finals!
i was in short put n long jump!
came to skool had cheerleading till 8.50 n wenT!
well oranit, anjellyne n patricia of yr 9 were in sayfol boys football team jersey becuz they forgot to bring their own p.e uniform n u had to have some kind of sports wear with sayfol on it to go to kampung pandang (or wtv the hekc its called :p) to participate!!! c n they had no choice! had to take those outifts! illyana refused to wear them so yea she dident go! bt v did! they dident wanna at 1st bt no choice mah! either tht or stay at sayfol n dread studyn :p
so they came n yea! we went!
at the event i chatted with nicole pretty much all day!
yea long jump was ok! for 1st one did bad, 2nd try i got really far bt stupidly lyed back n they measured from where my had hit back nt where i landed!! so i went from 4.smthn to 3.smthn!
n thn 3rd try i jump so hi i think it was 5 point smthn n mr was like "OUT" n i was like wtf! n he sed i crossed the plank a bit! becuz of my stupid long big toe i cross the plank by tine bit! like freaking tine! like sooooooo time! so shor! crossed! n he was like "by so little" n i was lyk wtf! lemme have this! n he was lyk no! i was lyk damn u lah! lol
bt stil with my 1st n 2nd points combined i was 1st! i aint complaining bt the 3rd 1 pissed me ofF! lol
thn there was shortput! came out second! aiyaaa! nt bad lah! i'll survive! division A ia kinda tough u know!! :p
bt for tht they were like m supose to b in long jump division A n B n i was like nooooooooooooooooo way! only division A! i cnt do it twice! m tired! haha
after shortput every 1 left n it was left with us at the stadium! when we went to the bus! soooooo fulllll with everyone stinkin n mixed smells in the bus! haha
we reach skool at 1!
dident do nthn for history!
after tht had bio class! scince now we have xtra 1 hour after skool! when every 1 lose at 2! year TEN's close at 3.15! sux eh!
i walked home with naufa!
n cam ehome to really gooooood foooood! :p
:) (A)

hectic schedule...cheer stuff!! ;p

below r really random picz from alot of practices over the few weeks!! ;p

lol noreen preparing to do her splin n anjellyne on the side coming randomly across! :p

i luk soooooo fugly!!! lol...anyway half the team :p

kristin drawing on board! ;p

noreen n anjellyne abt to cartwheel! :p

madam kristing tacking in getting ready for her cartwheel! hahaa! :p

main story=
m back! hahaha! after a while eh! havent updated!
thts cuz gosh i have beeeeeeen bzyyyyyyyy!
i am always in cheer practice, come home sweating, loadsa studied going on! no time to sleeeeeep!
n woaaaah!! ma mums frend was in town so once in a while gotta take her shopping n all tht n u guyz hu knw me knw i dnt really lyk long hours of shopping! hahah! :p
i havent gone to youth in a longgggggggggg time becuz of this!
bt i have been haven fun at cheer practice n honestly if v dont win it wud b memorable cuz i had a goooood time!
even tho i dislike the song m happy with the steps n all!
last saturday i stayed an anjellynes house till about 7.30 with noreen n kp it was kwl! before tht had some practice till about 6.00 n the others went home! not all came bt wottodo :p yea!
hectic eh! ;p