Monday, May 11, 2009

sports finals

ater a tired day! ruki lying down so tired! haha! she duno i even took this :p

mr rama sitting like a king on his stool! plastic chair actually! :p

oranit-heheh! she might kill me for puting this up! :p
srishti n bianca were tht bored! so played arm wrexling! i relly duno hu won! ;p....ranya luking so emo behind-haha-kidding-she was staring at smthn!:p
bianca-from south africa :p

long jump! boys division! :p
srishti being emo! haha! kidding! hiding frm cam n nxt to her is ranya from sudan! :p

oranit! thers a very good xplanation y she is in sayfol football team jersey! haha! c below! :p

bro after jumping! walking back! n richard on far left with the red hat! n idk middle one name n behind ma bro idk hu tht is! :p

random pple playing long jump!! :p

main story:-
today we had long jump n short pu! 2 our of the 3 field events! today was finals!
i was in short put n long jump!
came to skool had cheerleading till 8.50 n wenT!
well oranit, anjellyne n patricia of yr 9 were in sayfol boys football team jersey becuz they forgot to bring their own p.e uniform n u had to have some kind of sports wear with sayfol on it to go to kampung pandang (or wtv the hekc its called :p) to participate!!! c n they had no choice! had to take those outifts! illyana refused to wear them so yea she dident go! bt v did! they dident wanna at 1st bt no choice mah! either tht or stay at sayfol n dread studyn :p
so they came n yea! we went!
at the event i chatted with nicole pretty much all day!
yea long jump was ok! for 1st one did bad, 2nd try i got really far bt stupidly lyed back n they measured from where my had hit back nt where i landed!! so i went from 4.smthn to 3.smthn!
n thn 3rd try i jump so hi i think it was 5 point smthn n mr was like "OUT" n i was like wtf! n he sed i crossed the plank a bit! becuz of my stupid long big toe i cross the plank by tine bit! like freaking tine! like sooooooo time! so shor! crossed! n he was like "by so little" n i was lyk wtf! lemme have this! n he was lyk no! i was lyk damn u lah! lol
bt stil with my 1st n 2nd points combined i was 1st! i aint complaining bt the 3rd 1 pissed me ofF! lol
thn there was shortput! came out second! aiyaaa! nt bad lah! i'll survive! division A ia kinda tough u know!! :p
bt for tht they were like m supose to b in long jump division A n B n i was like nooooooooooooooooo way! only division A! i cnt do it twice! m tired! haha
after shortput every 1 left n it was left with us at the stadium! when we went to the bus! soooooo fulllll with everyone stinkin n mixed smells in the bus! haha
we reach skool at 1!
dident do nthn for history!
after tht had bio class! scince now we have xtra 1 hour after skool! when every 1 lose at 2! year TEN's close at 3.15! sux eh!
i walked home with naufa!
n cam ehome to really gooooood foooood! :p
:) (A)