Friday, November 28, 2008

a prety cool yet crezy day!-twilight! wohooo

below r pictures of scenes from twilight(the movie v saw), only 2 character r shown, n sum pics of hashanti n latifa n naufa as they get their her done and the pics next to the main posts are of us in the karaoke place :) hashanti, latifah with her new str8 hair n zarah- charlies angels- hehehehehe! :)

all of us except latiah! the pic is blury due to latifa's camera, the battery was dying so the flash was weak bt it stil luky lyk a cool pic :P

sm pics edward! 1 of the main character of twilight-wohooooo :)
edward and bella(isabells)-the 2 main characters! :)
edward!! wohoo!! this is a part of the movie where he n da gul goes into the jungle n later he shows her hu he realy is(a vampire) ^_^
the main cover! nice eh? :P- yeapz!
naufa turned when she realised i was taking a pic of her bt duh! a mirror is infront of her so i cn take her reflection-haha-its dark but better on ma camera!
hasi watching latifa get her her str8tened
hashanti excited cuz her hair is about to be done :)
zarah n hasanti- :)

the main story:-
today, i woke up around 9.00 and got dressed n stuff n walked to sayfol to meet zarah n we went to gleanegles saloon to meet hashanti n latifa, hasi n lati were going to str8tn their her but the shop wasnt open so we went to naufa's house nearby and we all went back to gleanegles n luckily it was opened!
we spent lyk an hour there, nope,1 hour 30 mins as hashanti, latifa n naufa did their hair :)
we took a bus to klcc from there, then a taxi to pavilion without realizing how near klcc n pavilion was-lol, in da taxi latifa was talking to naufers friend (nickname soulkiddo!) from maldives n she was screaming abit n it was pretty funny-lol.....n soulkiddo if u read this how dare u not tell us u were in malaysia!! :P....u have alot of explaining to do-hehe-lol
at pavilion, we saw adrian 1st n he said he had bought 8 tickets to watch twilight n now the hall was full, so we went to ask the counter lady n she was like yea n tht sucked, so we they decided to c madagascar while me n da other gang(kp, ryan, ke en, carmen....etc) watched twilight
we went to sit a bit n then i called adrian with ma bros's fone n made my voice deeper so he thought it was my brother n then he was like he got a ticket for emma n stuff n not moi...tth was annoying n tht sucked-sigh-so i guez me n the other 5 will b watchn madagascar 2, me n hasi went to get tickets n then we just randomly asked if there were twilight seats there n she was lyk yea 4 n we were like hell yea but then tht wud mean tht 1 of us wnt watch, so me n zarah hu really wanted twilight decided to watch while the others saw madagascar, luckily the 2 seats left were on the top rows, the tickets adrian got were 1st row-gotta look up n scrinch ur eyes, so i wa shappy
after tht, adrian came n was lyk he meant he got a ticket 4 me n not ma bro-sigh-bt wtv i gave the ticket to ma bro scince i had bought 1 now :)
the others went to eat n me n naufa stayed back n talked n stuff! :)
when it was time, the other 3 went for their 2.00 movie n me n zarah went around with maggie, isabella and catherine to window shop, catherine was actually shopping :)
at 2.23 i went with zarah n got my popcorn then we went to watch TWILIGHT- wohooooooooo
THE MOVIE WAS OMG! IT WAS SO AWSOME! n the main guy character? 1 word= damn! :)
after the movie! we went out n saw the other people, n it turned out that alot of pple came than v thought, angeline, ryan wee hu suprisingly had 2 sisters, ruvina, her bf, n etc! :)
emma went home after that then after that i went to karaoke with latifa, zarah, naufa and hasi....:)
we just ordered coke n were singing n jumping on the couch, the walls was soundproof so no 1 could here as-so we were like screaming our heads of especially if the song was one we all knew and loves :P
after tht we walked to klcc, we wanted to take a bus, bt sum 1 made us realise how close it was to klcc, so we walked n it was raining, we passed klcc n cudent get a bus n walked n the rain, we were all soaking wet and when we were on the lane, a car splashed water on zarah and i was lauging and the a faster came n splashed water all over my skirt :( hehehe
we then saw a bus ahead of us n run to it :), on the bus i got up n allowed n older woman to sit-me so nyc :p-HAHAHA....i got off at great eastern n walked home n came on9 la-hehe
it was a pretty cool day n a true guls day out! :)

Emma's(twin brother) art -a must c :P

two pictures take from emma's scrap book


this is just a random post that i felt like writing up! just some stuff emma drew sumtime ago, n i decided to take pics of them n show :P......this is just from 2 pages of his scrap book, the 2 i found very interesting ;) he dident take art in yr 10 cuz he lykes science stuff i guez n art 4 just a hobby n well cuz he cant paint well, bt cn pencil draw n shade ony i guez-lol! so usualy hobby :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

life a painful misery! dont judge me!

this was written by me last night in lyk 2 minutes! its nt suppose to b a perfect poem or wtv! its just a form of expression!! hehehe....haha, n wel the reason for the bear being there is becuz its the bear i hug all the time when m in my emo stage-i hug my teddy or my pillow-hehe

life a painful misery! dont judge me!

here it goes:-

Not a day goes by
when the thought of dying isnt my lullaby
my heart feels like a solid tire
ready to burst and release all emotions
like its been set on fre
and cant me cooled of with water
i hurt inside daily
but i pull myself together to look lyk a strong lady
you think its easy?
well you're wrong, its a panful misery
the people close to me
r those who ether make or break me
not a day goes by, dont i wish i was made of stone
that way, i cant feel or moan, nor hurt innocent souls
my lips cant b controlled when i feel anrgy
i usualy just wanna scream, break down and cry
but my tears remain hidden behing my sad innocent eyes
as i see people or friends, i just pretend to me fine
just grinning from ear to ear like a happy mime
i hung on for so long to dream that might not be
i stll hung on to them and pray "she'll" see what they mean to me
the one thing that makes me myself
and allows me to be free
is the now they very thing being taken away from me
how can i fight 4 my rights
when im busy fighting to find a way out
to find the slightest light out of such a tight spot
a light that shows a path to get me out of ths painfull mess
that always fills me with tears
you wont understand
until we swap lives for a day
then you'll know why i write in this angry way!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

finally exams r over! usual weekend !


THE MAIN STORY IS BELOW! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-finaly exams r over! i was so happy yesterday at the thought that exams was over! bt i was nervous cuz da last exams was eccons n well-eccons is pretty damn hard! n alot to study n well i dident study much so in da morning i dcided to walk to school so that on the way i will study!............i tried to study as much as possible i guez!
that week had been ok i guess-most of them like computer n maths i had focuz on the new recent chapters instead of da old ones n it turned out tht the old ones came more-so u know-tht sucked obviosuly! bt i tried to remeber as much possible from the assesment! bt wtv about tht good thing=exams r over! bt i wasnt happy after da exams as i usually am when exams r over, many reasons i dont feel lyk saying! lol........after exams, while still in the hall, my wallet was with the teacher n i had nora's picture in so the teacher opened it n saw da pic n she was like "nora" "nora", n v wer all lyk wat, shes nt here n i was like ahhhhhhhhhhhh thts mine! lol 4 a moment pple thought nora was there-tht wud av been wierd!lol
after school, usual stuff, walked around, naufa n all waited abit cuz they were going to naufa's hse :(
thts about it for that week! nw m just waiting n curios for my results!
saturday, today, was ok, i came on9 in the morning n just chat n all n ryan pissed the crap outa me as usual(again)-thts also a complicated story! bt wtv i dnt care, all i cn say is tht wot i was saying was true and i cant believe tht u(u noe hu u r) accused me of nt wanting u guyz to b together! HOW CAN U ACCUSE ME OF SUCH BULL SH*T!! u r a rutheless unappreciative jerk hu never appreciates wot ur frends do for u n all i can say now is thT I WASNT LYING! ILL PROVE IT TO U! I CNT BELIEVE U SOB ACCUSE ME OF SUCH CRAP! made me mad n sad bt wtv, i try to ignore his nonesense!.........around 2 o'clock ma mum's frend came over, she usualy braids ma hair for me and she came with her daughter gifty hu is shoooooooooo cute-lol!
i braided my hair till evening, like from 2 till around night time! the time is not comfirmed cuz as i am writing this entry i am only halfway done becuz i stpped to take a break n rest n ma form of resting is coming on9-hehehe
the time m suppose to b done is by 12.00 n its now 9.30 so i wud comfirm later-haha

NEW DO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

thts about it 4 now! comfirmation i braided from 1.45 until 1.05 after midngiht! hahahaha-dayim right! all together i took about 30 mins break! hehehe

thts all for now-bye!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my fav songs of the week/month....

just stuff ive been listening to recently!....

1) live your life by T.I and rihanna

2) just stand up by all female star artisits

3) womanizer by britney spears

4) Dear GOD by avenged sevenfold

5)whatever you like by T.I

6) touch my hands by david archuleta

number 1 is really cool n awsome and T.i n rihanna make a good duo, number 2 is really cool 2 n stuff, except miley cyrus voice sux a bit in it-alot actually, nt as mature as da other singer, m sorry all u miley fans but its true, number 2 is sooooooo damn catchy n all u britney haters, u must admit, she is a pretty good artist la, she can dance n writes good stuff, m not talkn about her social life bt proffesional life.....number 4 by avenged sevenfold is pretty cool n stuff and its also very catchy, they r a rock band, hard metal rock band, but dear God IS PRETTY SOFT N NICE!!!, number 5 is a cool song from T.I, its also pretty nice and number 6, touch my hand is OMG! awsome!!!!!......when i 1st heard i was lyk so nt intrested in it, i found it lame cuz i listened only the starting, bt now, damn! i love it, his voice rox n he's amazing-hehe-u have so gotta listen to it! hehe

check it out, they r all awsome! by for now! XD ^_^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"supposingly over to study maths"

on tuesday, online, i told kp to stay back n help me with maths n she said y dont i come over to her house n i was like y dont she come to mine and she was like "yea true" after school on wenesday she decided to come over to my house then.....n then mengkin heard it n said he wanted to come too-hehe
so after school we decided to leave the bags in the car n walk home but it was raining, when the car came, it was not raining but kp was scared it might rain agan so then we went with the car :)
at home.......we had malt n stuff ate a bit be 4 study but then mengkin n kp sald malt aint nice, WHICH IS A LIE CUZ MALT IS AWSOME!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! :)
mengkin lied la-he had about 2-his n kp's one and ate alot of sweet bread n suff-hehe....da round ones wif weared custardy stuf fon them :)
after tht start studying, from 3.30-4.00 we did graph n then at 4, i went on9-hhaa.....mengkin was like "whoa, we are actually here to study", wtf! thought to have fun only-hehehehe
ok, so studied, on9, laugh laugh laugh, eat n all untill about 6.00 n then ma mum called n said we could go get macdonalds but kp's mum was alredy on her way so then she kindly dropped as off at the macdonalds scince they pass there home and stuff and me, emma n mengkin went for macdonalds-hehehe......we just ate and talked
we talked n stuff n then walked mengkin to the taxi stop n when they were running accros the road, my slipper tore so cudent run accross n the rain fell so it was slippery-XD-had to stay n fix it then cross....:)........then mengkin he got a taxi and then we had to memorize the number just incase he got kidnapped!hehe
we then arranged to meet on monday at kp's house to "supposingly" study accounting-i would keep u'all updated on what happens = hehe
*~sadly i dident take pics of todays even so cnt show erm...hehe~*

Thursday, November 6, 2008

hockey 4 da 3rd time? ow ya instead of doing soccer for activities, i decided to join hockey....cuz really, we cud do wtv activity we tht was cool-i chose hockey
i was da last person to b chosen into a team-hahaha........i dnt suck tht bad la-Xp- m actually really good ^^ i was to b defender cuz it was said so by ryan(grrrrrrr), he aint even leader ^^....there were 3 teams, so da 1st team to score plays against us cuz we lost da rock,paper,siccors thing-hehe
naufa's team scored a 1st goal so it was out teams turn
later it was so messed up so all the teams joined n we became 2 large teams
OMG! i got wacked alot......the stick hit my leg 3 times, my thigh twice n my fingers 2 times-damn pain! i was limping! swish was messing up-haha, the ball was infront of her n she was defender n she saw da ball n no 1 was around, instead of wacking it to the other side, she fell to the floor due to laughing sooooooo hard-pshee, or was it fell and started lafing-dunoo!
ok, so anyway........tht was 1 i went to wack the ball tht my finger was hit again....due to srisht's mistake-hehehe
so anyway it was fun kinda except the fact tht ryan pissed me off alot n i really wanted to kill him-hehe, he's abit obsessed with games and winning so lyk he gets annoying and pushy during games- ITS SUPPOSE TO BE FOR FUN RYAN!!!-THERES SMTHN CALLED FUN IN THE WORLD U KNOW!!!!!- xp
so during games, m angry at him, but wen it was ok then i b nice to him-hehe
i dun really know hu won actually-i think actually we did! ^_^
this tym i played my guts out-haha-cuz ryan was pissing me off n if i used da ball to wack him i wud av been happy-hehe
willy was the keeper, he was random n wierd-hehe.....cuz he stood there posing sumtimes-XD
so basically....tht was about it!

after activities-we stayed back(me, ryan, mk n kp) n adrian also joined dis tym
t'was ok, just sit n talk bt abit randomly boring!-XD......nah.....t'was cool-hehe
so i came home n did hmwk n studied n on9 n chat n all tht sh*t-XD
thts about it 4 nw

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hurtful n cool sunday + assement results

yesterday was an ok sunday, i went to church and everything was normal UNTIL AFTER CHURCH! omg, ma mum decide tht we shud not take the lift tht its too annoying to take it, so we shud take the stairs, and we were on the u7th floor......i walked down the stairs in these GODDAMN HEELS.....pencil long heels too-OMG! it was sooooooooo faustrating and annoying n ma mum was lyk it wud get ur heart pumping, pshee.....i need a massage not a heart pamper-hehe
so after tht came home, used computer till lyk 3.40 n ma mum was saying to off9 n go study......
so i went up to study(slept a lil) then after tht i came down and had like a 1 hour convo wif ma mum.....which was pretty cool-hehe......
at 10'oclock i watched fantastic four 2, the tv kept going off, but thnkfully ma bro fixed it and we watch the movie....after tht, around 11.30, nora called me and OMG, we talked n talked n i was brushing my teeth in the middle of it n i was washing ma mouth after brushing and she said smthn funny and i spit it out-hehehe......i struggled to not laugh or talk hard so nt to wake ma family but i was excited to talk to here again

i eventually fell sleepy, but she said to keep talkn until her credit runs out-hehe......around 12.10, her credit run out :( and it went off....XD
i couldnt sleep cuz i had laughed sooo hard n talked tht my sleepyness had gone. so, i smsed sum pple until i finally fell asleep ^_^

monday i woke up a bit late-cuz very tired......o.0
we got sum of our assesment results last week, but this week we also got some....literature, i think no 1 got above 65, XD......i beat srishti again n passed her(again) and she was acting so like wtv n she was like imposible.....pshee.....annoying la....i got eccons, maths, accounting n stuff, offcuz i wunt say ma marks-hahaha.....but i did goooooooood ^_^....we havent gotten all yet but u know i "its just assesment" hehehe

thhts about it for now, i wouldnt update alot cuz well, finals is on the 12th, end of term 1 much studyn so lil tym- XD....but its ok.......we'll c-hehe

second blog ^_^

heya readers/friends.......
so....this i made a second second blog-hehe
this first blog titled "life living in malaysia" is about well, duh, my life in malaysia and what i do and stuff, the second blog i made yesterday is about my likes, loves and hates.....the url/link is or u can c on the right hand side of this blog....thers one tht says "my other sites" and there is "my 2nd blog" there, u can just click on tht-lol....look 4 it on my page.....i would mostly update this blog, like everyday and tht one like 3 times or twice a week or smthn, cuz ts just basic stuff, tht describes me, the friends i have met, places i have been and all tht crap......hehehe......... by next year i would make my 3rd and final blog titled "back home" which would describe what i do when i go back home and leave malaysia.....yea...offcuz tht depends on if they allow as to use labtops n school scince i might b staying in a boarding school/hostel.....i dunno if there would be a 4th one, but there might be if i do go to unversity or college in another country....XD......

so the second blog is just about well, as u can figure out, my likes, loves and hates....things i like, things that piss the crap outta me, my daily hobbies, my friends and all those kinda thats about it for this one, the one i would update the most is "my life in malaysia" hehehe
well, thats about it for now