Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last hourz of 2009 + new year!!! ^_^

us in church-lol-right be 4 singing started :) n kimus at the bathroom-haha-! the were giving testimonies so out 4 a while :)...rockerz ;)-lol

o.0 :)
at 8.00 me n ma family left for church.....wen we got there lyk 8.30 i sat nxt to kimberly and dorothy!
we sun songs 1st then there were many people gave them n i left after w hile to go out, fresh air-bla bla.....n wen coming back i saw kim n dorothy coming out-lol
so we went to the bathroom cuz dorothy wanted to-lol-n v just started taking stupid goofy pictures-hehe! posing in random ways-lol! i dident take much-nt a pic typ-bt dorothy n kimmie took alot-lol
so we went to the kindagarten section where we sat among lil kids n were listening ^_^-haha
then we heard that our fav song was playing in the main sanctury and we ran inside but we only heard a lil n then finish alredy :( anyway...yea
we listened to the sermon n stuff n then kimmie started getting all hyper into 2009 but i dident cuz it ment ma last year in malaysia! i thought i was ready to leave cuz wen i got here 1st all i wanted to do was to go back cuz i was homesick bt now i dont think i wanna go! actually m not sure-hehe! in a way i wanna go back n c ma home frenz n family but in a way too i wanna stay here cuz ive met pretty cool people :( ^_^
so yea anyway....after church we wished ever 1 merry xmas n stuff i rushed to keep up wif ma mum be 4 i got missing-lol!
we dident c the motor race people till later when they started arriving-they came late this tym-haha-but then wen they were about to begin we got a taxi n had to go-lol! but on the way home i still saw some stil racing cuz there was a huge traffic so i cud c a bit! :)
altho i did miss the fireworks, while in church at 12 i cud here it but we were stil in so dident c it-lol! wottodo la-haha-so anyway....yea....those were my final hours of 2009 n my 12t few minutes of 2009 ^_^
i came home and came online-lol! i went to sleep like 3.30 or 4.00 and woke up today at 1.00 or 1.10 ^_^....n i made my resolutions too tis morning n realyzed out of my 8 resolutions i had follow atleast 4 so thts good-^_^--haha

Saturday, December 27, 2008

youth bbq party.

today, at 2.30 i left the house to go to damansara for the youth bbq party!
we did the usualy routin bt we dident divide into our regular groups n stuff, we had gift exchange instead, i gt a pretty cool gift, and went to the church backyard for the party
i sat with a friend (4got her name) and i had only kfc chicken and cake, n just a sip of the drink cuz to i dident lyk that flavour at all! :)
i just talked to my friend about normal stuff n random stuff-hehe...then i smsed ma mum with her phone if she was coming to pick us up to the curve, n well she said no cuz she dident feel lyk goin :(.....tht pissed me i dident feel party mood much anyway and went to where they were roasting some meat and called ma bro and we went to take a taxi!
i felt wierd la, angry n very irritated lyk i usualy am! idk y! i gues ma old self was coming back again!....negativity and emoness is slowly coming back-haha! im working on that though! hehe! i dont think i can do much about it! bt id try-hehe............tsk tsk.........sigh..... :(

today (29th), is 2 days after i wrote the above! n m just adding on "not lost my stand and will never loose it, atleast id try my best, still being happy n thankful-hehe-atleast i realised tht this morning-dnt feel lyk saying hw i did bt yea i did-hehe! so m happy-XD" 2nd blog xplaines it better-hehe

Friday, December 26, 2008

day after christmas=off to sunway ^^

kimberly and ashley after swimming =p
emma, kim, ashley and benji =p
kimberly ! haha!

jeremy, me, ashley and benji
kimberly n me-haha!- =p
ashley n me (looking retarded)-lol
kimberly n and a bit of me-hehe

main story:-
so today, i woke up at 8.50 cuz i had to be at sunway by 10 n meet kimberly n the others at sunway!, i was pretty late anyway-XD....we got there at 10.45 or smthn
n then we went to ticket place cudent find kim so she called n she was on the other side, so we went there instead-XD
she had bought her tickets, so i had to re-join the long line to get mine!...XD
we went then, went on the rides la, train, roller coasters, we were going to take the really really really scary one, i 4 got the name, bt i dident go cuz i suddenely got scared although i had take it be 4 bt at timesquare-haha!
so i met pretty cool people (all church touths)....there was ashley, benjamin, his brother jeremy and this dude called vincent-hu was 19 the oldest, he dident swim bt went early......ashley looked like mengkin and the gul called ashley in our skool, xcept shes taller...m jst a bit taller thn her, n shes british chinese.....benjamin n jeremy r bros, bt jeremy is younger n he shy-hahah! ben is owkiez, he reminded me of ryan wee tho-haha! seriuz, in personaliy i mean, not looks.. u shud c n ud agree-lol
so yea, after tht kim went home, ashley went to another restaurant to b with her parents and i ate at macdonalds with emma, benji and jeremy and then benji told me tht in macdonalds u can actually refill-i dident even know tht-haha....n at macdonalds kim called me cuz she wanted to rud it in ma face tht the rain dident fall, cuz i sed it will and it dident! haha! wierdo! lol! =p
later their parents came and they were stil in macdonalds while me and emma had to go, so we left-hehe
we came home n i came on9 la :)



the food! wahoooo! hehe! it taste good-trust me! lol
me looking my wierdest! haha! christmas outift! ma fav skirt with a random white top n those ridiculous n annoying heels! haha!
some waiters-hehe~

the chicken! ahh! looks good! hehe
some of the food with the sauce next to it! hehe
my plate-damn! it makes me hungry-haha
my finished food-it was done in 5 minutes-lol

the main story:-
christmas day, yesterday, was pretty random! haha
i went to church in the morning with my family but then it wasnt at the stadium like we usually have every year which is more fun cuz there is performance n stuff! this tym there wasnt :( wtv-XD....
so yea anyway after that we went pavilion, i changed my heels and wore canvas instead (more comfy)-lol.... we ate lunch at nandos in pavilion n then finished the food in lyk 10 minutes! haha! then went shopping, ma mum bought ice cream n we kept tasting everything ^^!.
then yea la, came home, use computer, watch tv :)
merry xmas! have an awsome new year

Monday, December 22, 2008

plans for christmas week

hmmm,......scince this is lyk ma last christmas in malaysia, i decided to spend it really well XD
today is tuesday n i begin it by going to the hospital :(....hehe......ive been postponding so long so finaly now m going-sigh!
anyway, mondya i dident do much! stayed home-XD
wenesday i am suppose to go to kp's sister's party but then those coming r not pple m really close to and it was kp hu invited me nt her sis-so thts random-m nt into the whole party crasher thing-lol!
thursday m going to church in the morning with ma mum and brother and then after tht ma mum said we r pretty much gonna roam around kl, go out, shop, wtv, eat out n stuff.....hehe....
wen i come back and it pretty early to go out again id go watch "australia" with nadha bt if its late-nope-XD
friday if ma mum says yes i wud go to sunway water park with some friends and just stay there n have fun-hehe-again if i am back early i will go watch a movie! ^_^
saturday....hmmm.....i am going to a youth meeting and then after tht we all the youths wud have a barbaque party which m excited for-i chose nt to go to singapore cuz i was scared id miss it-hehe!....after tht going to the curve for some programme, dinner wtv tht ma mum was invited to, so v gonna check it out-hehe
tths about it-nt the best-but pretty ok compared to how i usualy spend christmas which is sleep, wake up, computer, tv......^_^ yea
if ma plans change id write it below-XD

movies i plan to watch this week n be 4 school openz:-
-bedtime stories
-yes man

-marley and me
-the day the end stood still
one of the most important movies i must c is "australia"-hehe! and thn bedtime stories n deffinetly "yes man" ^.....i have alredy watched some movies in december alredy-these r the remainders i have to watch-XD

btw the songs m listening to this week:-
"run", "your name high" n "the stand" by hillsong united
"pocket full of sunshine" by natasha bedingfield
"already gone" by sugarland
n m still listening to some of the songs i started with in decemeber tht is on my " post decemeber list"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

port dickson-best trip of my life!

i went to port dickson for a youth camp and it was the best trip of my whole entire life-i luved it!!.....these is what happened-hehe-some picz r random but view all of them anyway scince ma friends complain tht i write too much-haha! so i put alot of picz la-haha! nt too much tho-if i were to put all-too much :)
anyway-heres what happened-events n all:-

our camp booklet to write in for the next 4 days :)
me staring at a coconut tree-wierd-lol
i was telling stephanie hu was taking da pic to turn the camera da other way n she dident here n took da shot, so yea-lol! this came-hehe
random pple-lol.....erm....da 1 in light blue is sm dude named mattew and the one in dark blue is some guy ive seen but idk his name-lokl
my name tag at camp-lol! :)
the pool in the hote/resort wtv-hehe
me, stephanie and sharonie with pastor jeremy
pastor jeremy writing in sm pple's camp booklets...nt soo much an autograph-bt smthn lyk tht=hehepastor jeremy-he was really nice n stuff, totally down to earth, funny and understood teenagers n stuff and talked to us throughout the 4 days n encouraged us n stuff-it was really awsome
pastor jeremy asking for a pen-hehe
crystal, me and stephanie anne
the game tht gives u drivers license in the game "game of life" tht v played! :)..its harder tht it looks! :) me! lol.....only 1 team got it fairly without bribe-lol-the others hu did got it by bribing! haha! ma team dident think of tht-lol
in "game of life" we chose the occupation chef and well, one was to walk with an egg inbetween ur leg and also to paint someones face in ur team with peanut butter n decorate it with buscuits-lol! n v chose alex! lol.....he is such a crook-lol
the so called "mayor" in the game "the game of life" helping one of the teams, he is with the bucket and trying to get water to the other-lol without crossing the line, 1st they decided to throw it bt then never finish fast and pple got wet, so they came up with this-lol, v saw it n v were the last team, so we did it in lyk 5 seconds n dident get wet ;)
same thing as described in the pics be 4 :)
and again same bt instead the "mayor" is behind-lol! i wud eexplain what the game "game of life" is about later! :)
crystal, sharonie anne, me and stephanie anne ^_^
the group hu had the occupation "designer" had to design an outfit with only newspaper and their task was a batman outfit! haha! i dnt have a full pic! :)

sitting in the halls waiting 4 programme to start-XD
the beach-the team behing kneeling down r i thing pilot or engineer team or smthn like tht-XD
ow i just comfirmed tht the job tht u had to do tht is marine biologist or doctor or engineer-lol-any 1 wif a "PHD"-LOL-smthn lyk tht la ^_^
pple talkn on the beach n some playing their tasks.......XD
abit of the band on stage and pple sitting around :)
the pple crowning the winner of the game-lol~ only those hu got fooled by the mayor won, it wasnt hw much money u gt, yet th was sed in the 1st place-lol-it was a trick-well, v, as in my team, went to "jail" and lost all out money-haha
the crowned winner-sorry its dark-cudent use ma flash in the hall much-lol

people sitting down la :)

abit of of what really happened- the main story

on the 15th to 18th i went to a youth camp in port dickson, it was totally awsome and i really loved it, althought i shared a room with three 18 year old gulz, they were nice and stuff bt a bit anoying and certain issues like sleeping and stuff-haha!....ok so was totally cool, i met a gul called stephanie anne hu was nice n stuff and she sed she had been to my country before-hehe......we became good friends altho she is 18 n stuff-XD....her sister hu is 15 was also ma friend and randomly i said hi and talked to many many many people-XD....met many awsome pple, bt there were 2 particular pple tht i wanted to talk to cuz they seemed very fun and intresting, hehe, bt i dident get a chance to so yea tht sux alot!!!... :(

so anyway. lol, i loved the sermons and stuff, jeremy seaward, as u cn c from the above picz is from australia but lives in hes older thn he looks-lol-gt a wife n 2 kidz, hehe, so anyway, he was really nyc, funny and really cool-XD.....

for games we played the game called "game of life", its pretty fun la i guez!
u live in a city and live life frm the age of 18, u get paid and stuff-lol-fake money ofcuz, fake city, fake education, fake jail n stuff bt then its lyk cool too, we had to pay taxes and all, like realy working pple and games and stuff were our "jobs"-lol....we got alot of money da 1st day, bt lost all on da last day due to a very long story-hehe! of the organizers was ma roomate bt she dident let me c da questions n stuff-haha!

so anyway, thts about it! bt all in all, except the fact tht i had to shower with freakn cold water, sleep at 2 and wake up 7, have roomates hu i dident talk to much and sucky food-hehe-it was an awsome trip! i luved it! and even tho other school tripz i have friends there and this 1 they were all new pple i just met, i still luved the trip la! i met many pple, altho there were few tht i got close to and stuff! and it was totally awsome! i luved it! i wanna go and do it all over again! :)
plus i learnt how to b positiv n luv wot i have-hehe! pple hu noe me well noe about my abit of emoness and negativity-lol! bt its gone nw(still working on it)-lol! i luved the camp la!! :)

songs i fell inluv with this week:-
"run" "your name high" n "the stand" by hillsong united

Saturday, December 13, 2008

meetings and camp briefing!!

today was a pretty usualy Saturday, except the fact that we went to damansara heights, the main church there, for the camp breifing which was supose to b at 5.30 bt they sed at 300 v shud come for youth meetings first!
it was pretty fun, entertaining and stuff and definetly intresting, hehe, i wish i could go every saturday but sadly its at damansara and i live in ampang, so its like too far ^_^
i met 3 new friends and said hi to many other people! we got divided into 3 groups later which was pretty cool n some of them innit were pretty funny and entertaining-hehe!!
after tht, at 5.30 we had camp breifing to prepare us for monday's camp at port dickson which is a 4 days, 3 nights camp :)....which m so excited for except i realized tht when signing up, i did nt put who i wanted to share a room with by mistake cuz i dident know which of ma friends were coming so i would b sharing a room with other people i dont know and if m lucky with the 3 new people i met-hehe!.....we had a few laughs and stuff! and it was deffinetly super fan!....i totally cant wait to gooooooooooooo!!!!! the hotel sounds awsome, and thers a beach nearby n stuff! so tths pretty off the hook!! i just hope it rox!
i came home and after a 30 min drive and had malt, bread and 2 pieces of chicken for dinner ^_^
ma mum called later and v talked about what hopened (she's in sabah), and things i wud need n bla bla bla! so thats about it for my beautul n intresting day-hehe!
i dont think i wud update my blog until i come back from port dickson :).....thts about it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

klcc wih a friend! ^_^

today, was a pretty cool day i guez=lol
i was incredibly bored this week and it got worse when ma mum left for sabah (i cnt xplain my reason n a public blog) hehe.......i was pretty bored at home-nthn to do-bla bla bla - lol
so, on thursday i was really thinking of going somewhere to go on friday cuz there was no way i could spend another whole full day in this f**** house wif nthn to do!!!!!!
naufa and latifa were out of malaysia, hashanti dident have a hand phone sim card so cudent contact her and zarah was spending holz wif here cousins hu had come over :)
so tht ended ma plan, lol friday morning i woke up usualy around 11.45 :), came on9 as usual scince i have lyk nthn to do-haha!
i saw was chatting n stuff n nadha-she is a school friend for those hu arent in sayfol (^_^)- came on9 n she was lyk v shud hung out sumtym n i was lyk cool n she was lyk ok n i was lyk wot u mean now and she was like now is good-hehe-so i was lyk cool! it was about 1.00 or 1.15 i think
we met at mamak shop n stuf n just talk n walk-usual boring stuff! n then we went to klcc , v were suppose to go to pavilion but then we got to klcc at 2.40 and the movie at pavilion was starting at 2.40! lol! n nadha said movies at klcc usually have 1 showing at 4.00 or 4.30 n in pavilion the next showtym for the movie v wanted to c was at "7.30"-lol!
we got there n bought a ticket, n nadha was lyk we shud c space monkeys-haha-wtf!...i was lyk nope, v wud c wild child, after the day i spent money and a stupid movie such as "dont mess with the zohan", i make sure i c the trailer be 4 watchn any movie :)
scince it was about 3.00 and the movie was 4.30, we went to walk n ate some macdonalds, walked aroudn the park and went on the swings which was wierd cuz hello, we aint kidz! lol! n i brought to her attention the realization of how every 1 hu swings has a huge grin on the face, no 1 swings with a seriuz face-lol! after sum swinging-pple were staring-lol- we went back inside and spent time talking about the show "friends", the funny episodes from it n awsome parts too, damn i luv tht show-lol, we walked around randomly and stuff and went to get our popcorn and went to watch "wild child" lol.....emma roberts was the main character!.....the movie was pretty kwl! about a rich girl hu is sent to leave in a boarding school-it was a bit cliche at first-hehe-it did have a bit of some funny moments- the ending was pretty nice and funny! lol!
after tht, nadha said she needed to go buy some slippers yet she kept checking out canvas-haha! we went n i showed her pretty cool sandals n slippers bt she hated all of them-she has wierd taste-hahaha!......we went out to get a taxi and the driver said rm 10 i was lyk no way it costs only 4 bucks and i bang the door n nadha was like lets just pay n i was lyk no way its a rip off and she re-opened the door and said she'd pay-i was like ok-lol! her choice-i mean its pretty expensive and the driver sending her back to ampang point, all together tht is quite alot-rm 25 its supose to b like 10 bucks or 12 bucks alltogether! a rip off i tell u! those pple shud b sued!!! hehe
i came back hob-sob sob :(-did nthn bt use computer, back to usual boring day-lol-cnt wait to go to port dickson! i hope it rox! it better rock! lol!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

december music! hehe

hmmm.....lemme c
i starded december listening to "run" by leona lois-the story of how i started listening to it u can c on the recent post be 4 this or i think the 1 be 4 tht :).....and as the 1st week of december continued i listened to the following:-

1) seize the day by avenged sevenfold.......... (my fav of this week)
2)"us against the world" n "swear it again" by westlife
3) "bye bye bye" and "its gonna be me" by nsync
4) some classics of britney spears like "overprotected" and "stronger"
5) "at the beginning" by richard marx (my fav of this week)
6) offcuz "run" by leona lois :)
7)"angels" by robbie williams...i also like the jessica simpson version and david archuleta versions

8)"light on" by david cook
9) "right here"
by brandy...........(my fav of this week) copy n paste that code
to listen to "right here" by brandy~ :)

this month i have pretty much been listening to those old classic songs ("2-4") and mayb slow music too-hehe like brit spears, nsync, westlife and all those pple! and i still luv seize the day by aveneged sevenfold (A7X)-u guyz shud hear it la it rox!! i luv the beat n all tht! a7x has like the best guiter solo's u'll ever here!! go listen now!! hahha! and run by leona is pretty cool tho! it broke sum kinda record tht i forgot! so thts about it! at the beginning was one of the songs sund in "anastacia" a really cool mocie! and i luv it! its awsome! i luv this song alot! been listening to it all week-hehe.... i luv david archuleta(as an artist) and i think his voice is awsome but i must admit that "light on" by david cook is freakn off the hook! it has a rocker vibe to it-no suprise there-hehe-n its pretty catch n cool! :), right here is brandy's new single and its also realy catch n i luv the beat :) .... if by the end of decemeber-i fall inluv with sum more songs! id put it up! hehee!............"run" and "at the beginning" is on my page-scroll down hehe...."us against the world" is ony my second blog and the link for "right here" is on top of this post on the list of fav songs-hehe! except tht go searc 4 it on youtube-hehehe!
tc ......cya! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sayfol+christmas assembly=boredom

be 4 i talk about today, let me talk about yesterday-hehehe
yesterday was cool, ony me, hasi n zarah were around, latifa n naufa ditched school-hehe
i got more exam result :( was pretty fun, many things happened which is for only us 3 to know about-hahaha..........we played uno n bla bla bla n went home-haha
today, only me n zarah were around, the other 3 dident come, school closed at 11, there was christmas assembly frm 9.40 till 10.40- omg=boredom!! there were no chairs to sit!!!!!!!!! i stood on the podium where the flag is n watched-it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kristin and the philipinoes n the guyz were good, the did some swing dance with the sing "all i want is u" ,tht was cool, except tht, non was good, n when the teachers came on to sing! OMG! hehe. we cudent even here the song , there were no amplifiers at the back n sum looked like they were just reading the song from the paper-hehehe....well, tht was about it for boredom of the day! ^_^
after tht, we went to class n the others were speaking in chinese n zarah was with saba, so i just walked around-hehehe....
i went with kp to hook choon after school and stuff n then she bought princles which was 4.95 n she got scared tht tax included thn she cnt get, bt duh, v r kids-no tax ;)-she ended up getting chnage of 5 cents even, which i took-i keep coins, pple think it stupid bt trust me, they come in handy-lol-those pple hu say stupid to keep coins end up needing them n hu u think they come ask? hahahaha ^_^.......after kp left, i walked around with deepica n v talked bout music n random stuff n then i decided to go c if ma car is here, n then when i went i saw it coming-right timing ;).....i sed goodbye n left n gonna enjoy the hols! bt ma mum was in the car n askd what i got for maths, lol, i dident tell n she knew i did bad n sed holidays must practice- sigh..... :( i wud make sure i enjoy this christmas!!! its my last 1 in malaysia la!! need to enjoy ;^_^........
bt we'll c how da hols go :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

decemeber starts of with tears :( we got about 4 of our exam paper :(
i was pissed about sum marks, i mean things lyk maths n accounting when i dont do well m cool la-its nt ma thing so wtv, bt things like history n literature n english when i do bad or get below 60 or especially fail-i just break down lyk crezy! pple may nt understand bt wtv!! its just tht those subjects r the ones m good at so doing bad or getting a C is nt an option, mayb be is ok la! :)
history was ok bt literature was bad n i just lost it! i was sooooo anrgy with myself like crezy-sigh- i havent told ma mum yet-hehehe- but we'll c how tht goes :( ^_^...this is gonna b 1 wierd decemebr/hols bt i dnt care id make sure i will enjoy ma christmas :)
so anyway, except the stupid results, school was AWSOME! :), we pretty much did nthn in class, so we just chatted away, me, kp n ryan wee were just talking n they were talking to me about hw sarcastic i was n tht i dident mean certain things i sed-hahahha-bt i cnt help it la!......i dnt mean 2 b sarcastic!, i was talking normal till i think yr 9 then i became close to nora-hahha-n da sarcasm took place n nw i cnt get rid of it-haha-:)
so anyway we were talkn about random stuff n phobia's n stuff-ofcuz i wnt tell u wot ma phobia is-lol-only the other 2 noe-n u guyz if u r reading this-here this-u tell any 1 id kill u-hehehehe-n i was telling ryan n kp how ridiculous pool is n the fact tht its not a sport la!-well, it isnt :) hehe-cool day :P.....n i borrowed twilight again from latifa n was pissed at ma frends hu said tht twilight sucked-cuz they compared it to the book n well i havent read the book yet la!!!! so i decided to borrow the book from youlin n then read it n compare maself bt until then i luv the movie n when i got home around 3.30-usual stuff-computer, tv, hehehe- atleast i need to enjoy be 4 ma mum see's ma results right? hehe! :).....n thn i remeber tht i had to listen to this song "run" tht ryan wee was lyk its nice n sum crapy i decided to listen i guez n it was actually cool! so this is my 1st post for this december n its my fav fav song for pretty much the week i guez! lol....its by leona louis!-its pretty awsome! :P....u guyz shud hear it!......@_@
nw m gonna off9 n watch twilight n watch tv n mayb on9 at night if ma bro is done-lol!

Friday, November 28, 2008

a prety cool yet crezy day!-twilight! wohooo

below r pictures of scenes from twilight(the movie v saw), only 2 character r shown, n sum pics of hashanti n latifa n naufa as they get their her done and the pics next to the main posts are of us in the karaoke place :) hashanti, latifah with her new str8 hair n zarah- charlies angels- hehehehehe! :)

all of us except latiah! the pic is blury due to latifa's camera, the battery was dying so the flash was weak bt it stil luky lyk a cool pic :P

sm pics edward! 1 of the main character of twilight-wohooooo :)
edward and bella(isabells)-the 2 main characters! :)
edward!! wohoo!! this is a part of the movie where he n da gul goes into the jungle n later he shows her hu he realy is(a vampire) ^_^
the main cover! nice eh? :P- yeapz!
naufa turned when she realised i was taking a pic of her bt duh! a mirror is infront of her so i cn take her reflection-haha-its dark but better on ma camera!
hasi watching latifa get her her str8tened
hashanti excited cuz her hair is about to be done :)
zarah n hasanti- :)

the main story:-
today, i woke up around 9.00 and got dressed n stuff n walked to sayfol to meet zarah n we went to gleanegles saloon to meet hashanti n latifa, hasi n lati were going to str8tn their her but the shop wasnt open so we went to naufa's house nearby and we all went back to gleanegles n luckily it was opened!
we spent lyk an hour there, nope,1 hour 30 mins as hashanti, latifa n naufa did their hair :)
we took a bus to klcc from there, then a taxi to pavilion without realizing how near klcc n pavilion was-lol, in da taxi latifa was talking to naufers friend (nickname soulkiddo!) from maldives n she was screaming abit n it was pretty funny-lol.....n soulkiddo if u read this how dare u not tell us u were in malaysia!! :P....u have alot of explaining to do-hehe-lol
at pavilion, we saw adrian 1st n he said he had bought 8 tickets to watch twilight n now the hall was full, so we went to ask the counter lady n she was like yea n tht sucked, so we they decided to c madagascar while me n da other gang(kp, ryan, ke en, carmen....etc) watched twilight
we went to sit a bit n then i called adrian with ma bros's fone n made my voice deeper so he thought it was my brother n then he was like he got a ticket for emma n stuff n not moi...tth was annoying n tht sucked-sigh-so i guez me n the other 5 will b watchn madagascar 2, me n hasi went to get tickets n then we just randomly asked if there were twilight seats there n she was lyk yea 4 n we were like hell yea but then tht wud mean tht 1 of us wnt watch, so me n zarah hu really wanted twilight decided to watch while the others saw madagascar, luckily the 2 seats left were on the top rows, the tickets adrian got were 1st row-gotta look up n scrinch ur eyes, so i wa shappy
after tht, adrian came n was lyk he meant he got a ticket 4 me n not ma bro-sigh-bt wtv i gave the ticket to ma bro scince i had bought 1 now :)
the others went to eat n me n naufa stayed back n talked n stuff! :)
when it was time, the other 3 went for their 2.00 movie n me n zarah went around with maggie, isabella and catherine to window shop, catherine was actually shopping :)
at 2.23 i went with zarah n got my popcorn then we went to watch TWILIGHT- wohooooooooo
THE MOVIE WAS OMG! IT WAS SO AWSOME! n the main guy character? 1 word= damn! :)
after the movie! we went out n saw the other people, n it turned out that alot of pple came than v thought, angeline, ryan wee hu suprisingly had 2 sisters, ruvina, her bf, n etc! :)
emma went home after that then after that i went to karaoke with latifa, zarah, naufa and hasi....:)
we just ordered coke n were singing n jumping on the couch, the walls was soundproof so no 1 could here as-so we were like screaming our heads of especially if the song was one we all knew and loves :P
after tht we walked to klcc, we wanted to take a bus, bt sum 1 made us realise how close it was to klcc, so we walked n it was raining, we passed klcc n cudent get a bus n walked n the rain, we were all soaking wet and when we were on the lane, a car splashed water on zarah and i was lauging and the a faster came n splashed water all over my skirt :( hehehe
we then saw a bus ahead of us n run to it :), on the bus i got up n allowed n older woman to sit-me so nyc :p-HAHAHA....i got off at great eastern n walked home n came on9 la-hehe
it was a pretty cool day n a true guls day out! :)