Monday, May 11, 2009

hectic schedule...cheer stuff!! ;p

below r really random picz from alot of practices over the few weeks!! ;p

lol noreen preparing to do her splin n anjellyne on the side coming randomly across! :p

i luk soooooo fugly!!! lol...anyway half the team :p

kristin drawing on board! ;p

noreen n anjellyne abt to cartwheel! :p

madam kristing tacking in getting ready for her cartwheel! hahaa! :p

main story=
m back! hahaha! after a while eh! havent updated!
thts cuz gosh i have beeeeeeen bzyyyyyyyy!
i am always in cheer practice, come home sweating, loadsa studied going on! no time to sleeeeeep!
n woaaaah!! ma mums frend was in town so once in a while gotta take her shopping n all tht n u guyz hu knw me knw i dnt really lyk long hours of shopping! hahah! :p
i havent gone to youth in a longgggggggggg time becuz of this!
bt i have been haven fun at cheer practice n honestly if v dont win it wud b memorable cuz i had a goooood time!
even tho i dislike the song m happy with the steps n all!
last saturday i stayed an anjellynes house till about 7.30 with noreen n kp it was kwl! before tht had some practice till about 6.00 n the others went home! not all came bt wottodo :p yea!
hectic eh! ;p