Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pangkor trip

we went pangkor on friday n came on sunday
it was ok lah fun! bt i learnt to overcome shyness kinda 40% actually! normally when m goofy n stuff itz cuz there is atleast 1 person there hu i am totally comfy around so if like therz a group n no 1 there m 100% comfortable around! thn pple think m emo? hahah :p
any1 on saturday i actually overcame some shyness and sung "flying without wingz" by westlife at karaoke! went with josie, ruvi, mengkin, willy n some otherz! it was the last song n i cnt believe i actually sung! hahaha
so anyway it was an apartment! shared with like 10 other gulz! bt my room had kristin!
the food ok
the island hopping was crezy bt we saw cool islandz the guy in our boat stoped it, got of into the ocean n came back with a freaking disgusting water slug! ewwwww much :p
so yea we freaked out he thrw it in the guyz boat where it died n all the stuf inside it came out! ew right? :P
i am at a cyber cafe n well i have 4 minz left so cnt write much
my freaking pc not working! sux! so cnt put the picz up :(! bt u go my facebook cn c them! on tagged picz of me! :)